Limitless energy from the depths of the Earth

Polpis Systems is an open scientific experiment to advance hotter and deeper into the earth than ever before to produce GeoFusion energy.

Heat model

Finding geothermal heat by mapping the thermal gradient is the easy part, but estimating the cost of efficiently extracting this heat takes deeper modeling of the technologies needed to make the production of geothermal energy not just cost effective, but the cheapest source of energy on the planet.

Site selection

Choosing the right location to develop geothermal energy is a function of the risk and readiness of the technologies needed to extract and produce it; you can’t produce what you can’t predict. If we can accurately predict the technologies needed, we will be able to readily produce deep geothermal energy.

Resource characterization

Drilling is expensive and so it is critical to eliminate as much development risk as possible before breaking ground. We can assess risk by estimating the value of economically recoverable heat resources in any given location by extrapolating from existing databases of the subsurface and using predictive analysis to forecast geothermal cash flows.

Going deeper

Enabling a step-change in geothermal cost and performance can only be achieved by exploiting deeper thermal resources where production fluids become supercritical (T > 374 ℃ and P > 22.1 MPa for pure water). These ‘superhot’ rocks are found within the Brittle-Ductile Transition (BDT) zone, where the geology transitions to a ductile state with extremely low natural permeability.


Modeling the supercritical zone

We are building a platform to access this energy frontier and enable the economical production of GeoFusion Energy. This starts by taking an open-source approach that allows others to criticize and critique the analysis that underpins the technology roadmap for expanding this domestic energy resource.

Open collaboration and transparency of methods will lead to greater progress towards advancing geothermal energy and we believe that geothermal technology has reached a critical inflection point where it will either become the primary replacement for hydrocarbons or cede traction to other high-density energy sources like advanced nuclear.

Unlocking the limitless potential of deep geothermal energy

Unlocking the limitless potential of deep geothermal energy

Use cases

The possibilities of abundant GeoFusion energy

Hyperscale computing

The deep computational age is upon us and the limiting resource is access to cheap energy.

Unlimited resources

From desalination to generate fresh water to mineral extraction to produce precious metals, abundant energy is the primary input.

Cities of the future

We are seeing the limitations of our existing population centers and terraforming new territories will require an energy source that is ubiquitous.

About us

At the center of our planet lies a natural georeactor that continuously produces energy to maintain a magnetic field.

While it is not (yet) proven that this thermal energy is generated from fusion reactions, there is ample scientific evidence to suggest that it is, in fact, possible.

Solid-state fusion occurs when a solid iron alloy with the right elements is under very high pressures. Because the temperature within the center of the earth is just above 5,000 degrees celsius, this would be considered a form of ‘cold fusion’.

Accessing this heat requires the development of technology to explore deeper than twelve miles into the earth at temperatures and pressures that exceed the capability of even the most advanced geothermal systems.

We are building a platform to access this energy frontier and enable the economical production of GeoFusion Energy.